15 Mandela Quotes That Will Give You Goosebumps. No Wonder He Changed The World

by Willon July 19, 2014
he world lost an incredible human being last winter when Nelson Mandela passed away. But during his time on this planet, Mandela led an absolutely inspiring life. International Nelson Mandela day has just been made official as June 18th every year, in honor of the late leader’s birthday. When you look back at some of […]

The Amazing Jam Session Guys feat. Trey Songz, Juicy J & Aloe Blacc

by Willon July 16, 2014
Three random guys had an impromptu jam session outside of a supermarket in Texas and the video of it went viral in just a few days. We brought them on to perform their song with help from Jimmy, Guillermo, Dicky, Cleto and the Cletones, a gospel choir, and surprise guests Trey Songz, Juicy J and […]

30 Celebrity Doppelgangers who are Also Celebrities

by Willon July 12, 2014
Prior to our other article today; “18 Celebs With Historical Dopplegangers, which you seemed to enjoy alot, here are 30 celebrities that look like other celebrities! 1. Amy Adams & Isla Fisher Image Source 2. Helena Christensen and Cameron Diaz Image Source 3. Katy Pery and Zoey Deschanel Image Source 4. Javier Bardem and Jeffrey […]


18 Celebs With Historical Dopplegangers

by Willon July 12, 2014
Prepare to have your mind BLOWN. These are not photoshops, these are actual historical dopplegangers of some of your favorite celebrities. History really does repeat itself! 1. Jimmy Fallon vs. Turkish revolutionary Mahir Canyan. 2. Ellen DeGeneres vs. Henry David Thoreau 3. Jeffrey Tambor vs. Benjamin Franklin 4. Justin Timberlake vs. old mugshot. 5. Glenn […]

35 Years and 100,000 Toothpicks Later…

by Willon July 10, 2014
This man took an incredible amount of time and a whole lot of patience to create something amazing. It may look like a normal model of San Francisco—already beautiful in its own right—but when you realize how much time and energy it took, it becomes so much more incredible. Scott Weaver wanted to build something […]


50 Years Of Beauty: Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2014

by Willon July 6, 2014
50 years on and the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition still continutes! Hosted by BBC Wildlife Magazine the contest is providing a “global showcase of the very best nature photography” in a competition which still attracts some of the best nature and wildlife photographers to The Natural History Museum every year. For 2014, the […]

Dave Engledow Engledow Art Photography is the World’s Best Father, after checking out these photographs you’ll know why!

by Willon July 6, 2014
Maybe this is the world’s best father.. Dave Engledow Engledow’s Photography is creative and quite amazing! Check out the images below to see for yourself…                          


Amazing Mind Blowing Mirror Photography

by Willon July 6, 2014
This truly amazing mirror photography is weird, but so cool at the same time! Check them out below!

The 19 Most Unfortunate Photos Ever Taken

by Willon July 6, 2014
Most unfortunate photos ever taken! 1. That’s not what you think it is: Via 2. That’s not grandpa’s big surprise at the family reunion:     Via   3. This isn’t a picture of ladies’ night taking an unexpected turn:   Via   4. This isn’t the creepiest photo ever taken:     Via   5. This isn’t as bad […]

Facebook Findings: Can Cannabis Oil Cure Cancer?

by Willon July 6, 2014
Recently, over Facebook, I have seen a couple of pages posting various images saying that Cannabis cures cancers, and with that, many comments of success stories on those various images. The page I’m focusing on right now, is a page called “The Mind Unleashed” and they posted this image with this caption:   Along with that photo, […]

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